manufactured under an environment friendly process.

Re-Generated Fibers

ETUR is Re-cycling 100% cotton New Rags (Clips, Cuttings) which are the remnants of Knit Clothes from garment manufacturers in all over the world.

The company has 6 lines of Shoddy (Re-generated Fibers) machines with approximately 65 tons per day capacity.


Open End Yarns

ETUR has 3792 Rotors, 36 Carding Frames with sliver regulator, 10 Drawing frames with sliver regulator and self-developed fiber blending machineries to reach maximum level of yarn quality. 

We are able to produce starting from Nm 1/1 (Ne 0,60/1) to Nm 50/1 (Ne 30/1)

In single yarns, 2 plies and multi folds in different blends;

  • Cotton / Polyester
  • Cotton / Acrylic
  • Cotton / Viscose
  • Cotton / Bamboo 
  • Cotton / Polyamide
  • Cotton / Wool / Other Synthetic Fibers
  • Cotton / Flax / Other Synthetic Fibers
  • And also any other blends required by customers. 


  • Circular and Flat-Bed Knitting (Sweaters, T-Shirts, Sports Wear) 
  • Hosiery (Sport Socks, Men's, Lady's and Children's Socks) 
  • Weaving (Warp and Weft) 
  • Fleecing
  • Hand Knitting 
  • Home Textile -Curtains, Bath and Door Mats, Bed Sheets and Covers-Towels 
  • Upholstery Fabrics 
  • Carpets 
  • Tufting 
  • Floor Mops
  • Cotton Blankets
  • Bed and Sofa covers
  • Table Clothes and Napkins. 

Circular Knitting

With the varieties of circular knitting machines from 3’ Gauge to 28’ gauge ,Company manufactures 120 gsm to 550 gsm circular knitted fabrics ;

  • Single Jersey
  • Rib
  • 2 end Fleeced
  • 3 end Fleeced
  • Pique
  • Camisole
  • Cardigan
  • Blankets, Bed and Sofa Covers

All types are produced with or without spandex.

Fabric Washing and finishing

Company has 12 tons per day fabric washing and softening capacity. In addition to these; ETUR has 2 steam dryers, 2 Balloon Squeezers, 2 compacting machines and one Raising (Fleecing) machine.

In addition to these we do have 2 units of Garment Washing machines with 3000 kg per day capacity and dryers.


As per the requirements of our customers we do produce;

  • 4000 pieces of T-Shirts
  • 2000 pieces of Sweat Pants and Pajamas
  • 2000 pieces of Tights
  • 2000 pieces of Polo Shirts
  • 3000 pieces of Hoodies a day with 300 sewing machines plus all auxiliary garment machines and accessories.


Floor Mops

  • 400 & 500 grams wet mops.