ETUR re-cyces about 6,000 tons of fabric remnants and about 1,000 tons of cotton spinning leftovers every year which are the production leftovers would have polluted environment.

By regaining of those waste materials from textile industry in yarns, fabrics and garments that all have already been dyed originally, the company makes textile manufacturing to save electric from dyeing and finishing process.

In addition to these ,as there is no chemical and dye stuff consumption in the process, company also do not use any limited water sources of earth for dyeing fabrics and garments which protect the environment and underground water sources from harmful chemicals.

Every year ETUR saves 29.9 million cubic meters of water and 30,000 Kw electric by re-cycling.

Our company principle is; “The Earth is not a Heritage for Humans but Entrusted to us by Our Grandchildren”.